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Hi, welcome to the Meme Monster testing family

Meme Monster is a FREE keyboard app that lets you communicate with family and friends using custom memes and GIFs! You will be able to up your chat game by using less texts and more pics! Getting tired of having to save all the memes, GIFs and funny pics to your phone to share with your friends? Save time with Meme Monster (MM) - keyboard that makes memes and GIFs easily accessible, and lets you make your own without having to exit your app of choice. Keyboard features: - Contains 3,000+memes and 20,000+GIFs with ever-expanding library that is always up to date with latest trends. - Uses AI technology for content recommendation. Enter the next generation of messaging with MM to visually express yourself however you want. - Create your own memes! Add resizable text to popular memes, or use your own image to make custom memes, directly from your keyboard. - Say your memes! Don’t just type it, say it. Use voice typing to say what's on your mind and MM will find a meme that matches your need. - Add to Favorites for easy access to your most-used memes and GIFs.

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